Grassroots exists to cultivate growing environments for the betterment of the soil. From innovative fabric growing containers to soil amendments, Grassroots has everything you need to achieve living soil and help your plants grow to their fullest potential.

Grassroots is part of the family of brands at WTB, Inc. – a small American manufacturing company founded by husband-and-wife-duo Rich and Carol Quinley. We began as many companies do with an idea for a product and how to do it better than the competition. And we did just that, establishing a solid reputation and a loyal customer base.

As business grew, so did our relationships with our customers. They taught us a thing or two about why and how to cultivate an abundant ecosystem within the soil. Once we understood their aims, we worked to adapt our products for their needs. We had not only uncovered new product solutions, we discovered a newfound passion – living soil. And we were hooked. We began absorbing all the knowledge we could and immersing ourselves in the movement. From then on, we were no longer simply a company creating a product. We found purpose. And ever since we’ve been dedicated to helping you bring soil to life.

Rich Quinley

Boss Man

“I don’t care what anyone says… Being Rich is a good thing.” – Mark Cuban

Bud Sciscio

Operations Ninja

Everyone’s best Bud!

Tyler Platt

The Handshaker

We’re here to benefit the soil.

Steve Johnson

Herder of Deadlines

SuperSteve, the warehouse wonder!

Kaylee Kaku

Manager of Codependence

Taking it one Taco Tuesday at a time.

Nelson Quinley

Sir Close A Lot

Never go half-Nelson when you can go full-Nelson.

Rachel Maldonado

Head of Customer Wow

I wet my plants!

Carol Quinley

Boss Lady

Forget the diamonds. Buy me a puppy.

California Manufacturing

The majority of our products are handcrafted at our home base in sunny California by our skilled textile manufacturers. With decades of skill and a focus on the details, this team is passionate about making products of the highest quality.

Mexico Manufacturing

Our smallest fabric pots are crafted from American-made materials and are assembled in Mexico. Our partner factory in Mexico has the same high standards of quality production and company culture.