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Microbial Life, Microbe Food and Plant Fertilizer

Grassroots Concentrated Biology is a complete Soil and Plant nutrient line that helps you unlock the soil food web.

Use our full product line for adding microbial life to soil, feeding existing microbial life, fixing problem soils, and providing plant available nutrients to promote maximum soil and plant health. Applied together in our Concentrated Biology Program, the products act synergistically to create maximum value and trouble free growing.

Our “Directed Biology” products are microscope and genetic testing verified. Together in our integrated program, they increase yields, defend plants from diseases, increase terpene concentrations and improve overall crop quality.


1 Billion Microbes Per Drop

1 Billion Microbes Per Drop

Diverse populations of bacteria, fungi and protozoa feed the plant by collecting and digesting mineral nutrients and delivering it to the root structure.  

Our biology is directed and microscope verified to strategically increase yields, defend plants from disease organisms and viruses, increase terpene and overall quality of your product.

The Science Bit

The Science Bit

Microbial Concentrations: 20,000 species 1×1010 +

Bacillus licheniformis – 1×106 CFU/ml
Bacillus subtilis – 4×105 CFU/ml
Micrococcus luteus – 2×105 CFU/ml
Ochrobactrum intermedium – 2×105 CFU/ml
Penicillium menonorum – 2CFU/ml

  • Microbial inoculant soil and plant probiotic
  • Stable microbes with one year shelf life
  • Reduces the frequency and severity of plant diseases
  • Never any simple sugars or manure
  • Microscope verified, DNA sequenced, directed biology
  • Increases brix and improves sugar to acid ratio and flavor profiles
  • Beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa
Pricing List

Pricing List

MetaGrow ST 2.5 Gallon Jug – Liquid 30ml/gal $71.00
MetaGrow ST3 2.5 Gallon Jug – Liquid 30ml/gal $71.00
MetaGrow CFOOD 1lb Bag – Powder 2 grams/gal $35.00
MetaGrow MFOOD 1lb Bag – Powder 4 grams/gal $35.00
MetaGrow VFOOD 1lb Bag – Powder 4 grams/gal $42.00
MetaGrow Bloom 1lb Bag – Powder 6 grams/gal $35.00
MetaGrow BiomeSTARTER 1lb Bag – Powder 1 tsp/plant $92.00
MetaGrow FixR 1 Gallon Jug – Liquid 5ml/gal $165.00
SeaCrop Ocean Mineral Foliar 1 gal-Liquid 5ml/gal $84.00
SeaCrop Ocean Mineral Foliar 2.5 gal-Liquid 5ml/gal $155.00
Sea Phos Liquid Organic High Phos. Fertilizer 2.5 gal-Liquid Various $125.00

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