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Fill Sleeves

Soft-sided pots are great for plants, but they can be super inconvenient while you’re filling your pots with soil. That inconvenience costs you money, whether it’s just you and your brother-in-law, or if you have a commercial operation. So… we fixed that with a slick new tool.

Save Time and Money on Labor

Save Time and Money on Labor

Fill your pots…

In less time

  • Stop spending time trying to hold the sides up.
  • If you’re using machinery, you can do more pots at once.

With Fewer People

  • You could fill the pots by yourself! Or, for larger operations, you really only need two people.

With Less Effort

  • You don’t have to pull up on the sides over and over to settle the soil.

Bonus Benefits

Bonus Benefits

Have a nicer looking grow
100 percent made in the USA.

  • The Fill Sleeves help your pots look clean, consistent, and straight.
  • Get perfectly straight rows!

Get an even fill

  • Evenly fill your pots without over-compacting the dirt.

Pricing List

Pricing List

Our Fill Sleeves™ are made from thick black plastic that is totally chemically safe. They have two handles to help move them in and out of pots. Handles are made with seat belt type material and are riveted to the plastic to keep them strong.

We have 4 different sizes so you can fill large or small pots to your heart’s content. It comes with a strap for easier storage. The strap also helps keeps each sleeve’s shape and functionality.

Small 26″H x 96″L $34.85  30gal – 45gal  30gal – 45gal
Medium 26″H x 152″L $42.75  65gal – 100gal  45gal – 100gal
Large 26″H x 210″L $60.25  150gal – 300gal  100gal – 200gal
Extra Large 26″H x 288″L $73.65  400gal – 600gal  300gal – 400gal

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