how tough is a grassroots fabric pots

How Tough is a Grassroots Fabric Pot?

We enjoy having fun here at Grassroots Fabric Pots. We picked up this idea at a show we attended this Spring. Turns out, a 45 gallon is at least one “Nelson Hogan” strong! 🙂
(That’s 230 pounds of human!)

There are a few design choices we’ve made that add extra strength to our fabric pots.

We use UV-resistant, chemically stable (BPA Free) fabric.

We sew our bottom seams on the outside instead of the inside to prevent rotting and we use a dual needle, 5-thread safety stitch with an extra seam for even greater toughness!

Our pots 30 gallon and larger all have a triple seam hem to make the pot easier to grip.


Add these all together, and you get a high quality fabric pot!

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