MoistureLock™ and Living Soil

Imitating Nature.

MoistureLock™ and Living Soil

MoistureLock™ is the technology we use on our Living Soil Pots and Beds.

We use a piece of waterproof fabric around the whole container, leaving a 4” aeration strip at the bottom. This has profound effects on the way the container handles water.

The fabric we use is a non-permeable, waterproof material that is chemically inert, BPA free, and safe for your plants, just like all our fabric.

Pots and beds designed to simulate nature

Pots and beds designed to simulate nature

MoistureLock™ technology directs moisture to better simulate the way root systems dry in nature. The waterproof fabric prevents water from draining through the sides of the pot and directs water downwards.

Living soil benefits greatly from having even moisture throughout. The microbiology needs consistency, and dry pockets disrupt the entire ecosystem. In traditional fabric pots, the soil can dry from the bottom up, which is the opposite of nature’s drying patterns.

MoistureLock™ works to help your soil dry from the top down, like it would when growing in-ground. With use of a moisture meter, you will be able to monitor wet/dry cycles for enhanced microbiology and nutrient function.

Retaining aeration benefits of fabric

Traditional fabric pots or beds provide aeration and air pruning, and dry 360° around the container.

To keep the awesome benefits these features bring, we leave a 4” aeration strip at the bottom of each pot and bed.

This strip prevents roots from circling the bottom of the container and allows air to circulate from below, and water to drain.

Growing without MoistureLock™ - still beneficial for some growing methods

Growing without MoistureLock™ - still beneficial for some growing methods

Fabric pots without the MoistureLock™ barrier still hold many helpful benefits, depending on the grow style.

Without the barrier, water moves through the soil system faster, creating a quicker wet/dry cycle. This can be important if you’re feeding your plant directly instead of feeding the soil. The uneven moisture won’t affect your plant the way it affects soil microbiology.

Some customers have experienced hydrophobic soil conditions and dry pockets when using containers without MoistureLock™.

Typically, this can be avoided by utilizing wetting agents or surfactants like yucca extract.

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