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SuperFood Veg is a complete microbe and plant nutrient food in water-soluble powder fertilizer designed to drive maximum microbe diversity. It provides all the essential building blocks to establish and maintain, designed for flourishing microbe populations in plants and soil during the vegetative growth phase. SuperFood Veg nutrients are readily plant available. When combined with other soil nutrients or fertilizers, SuperFood Veg speeds nutrient availability to enhance plant health, reduce fertilizer costs, and increase plant yields. 1 lb bag.

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Benefits of SuperFood Veg

Complete Microbial Food

SuperFood Veg contains complex organic and L-amino acids, surfactants, vitamins, enzymes, and more than 30 different minerals. It has a guaranteed analysis– 2.3-0.9-3.5 with 3.5% Calcium, 1.2% Sulfur and 6%
Humic Acid – Super Veg is 3 products in one. First it wakes up the Microbe Builder microbes and provides them habitat to colonize the soil and canopy efficiently. Second it boosts native soil microbial population size and diversity by feeding them a diverse complex food which releases metabolites to benefit plant functions. Third it is a complete organic growth phase plant fertilizer that can be used with or without Microbe Builder or our other microbe inoculants.

Earth-friendly Ingredients

SuperFood Veg is made in California and is CDFA Certified Organic. SuperFood Veg is derived from fish hydrolysate, calcium lignosulfonate, and seaweed.


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