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 Microbe Builder is a highly concentrated microbial inoculant that is foundational to soil health and plant vigor. Microbe Builder can be used throughout the plant lifecycle to enhance beneficial microbe populations and plant nutrient availability. It provides proactive defense against drought. It also has been proven to increase plant yield and improve crop quality. With more than 20 thousand species of beneficial microbes, with populations over 20 billion per drop. Microbe Builder is essential to build and sustain a flourishing soil food web. 

*The microbes in Microbe Builder are put to sleep in order to provide a one-year shelf-stable liquid. To activate the microbes and experience all the benefits, Microbe Builder must be used in combination with a Grassroots fertilizer or any other micronutrient program. 


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Benefits of Microbe Builder

Scientifically Proven Success

Grassroots products undergo rigorous microscopic verification and genomic testing. Microbe Builder is proven to:

  • Increases beneficial microbe population size and diversity
  • Improves plant nutrient availability and uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
  • Enhances soil fertility and increases organic matter decomposition
  • Increases plant chlorophyl, starch, and protein content
  • Promotes root and shoot growth
  • Encourages plant tolerance against salt, heat, cold, and drought stress
  • Increases nutrient efficiency = use less fertilizers

Earth-friendly Ingredients

Micro Builder is made in California. It is derived from earthworm compost, fish protein hydrolysate, seaweed, and other organic ingredients.

Highly Concentrated Formula

More than 20 thousand strains of microbes with extremely high populations to ensure your plants have everything they need throughout their lifecycle.



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