SuperFood Mycorrhizae


SuperFood Mycorrhizae is wettable powder microbe concentrated fertilizer containing mycorrhizae, trichoderma, bacillus, pseudomonas. A soil and plant nutrient, SuperFood Mycorrhizae softens seed shells to improve seedling germination, reduces transplant shock, and enhances microbe colonization of plant root systems. 1 lb bag.

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Benefits of Superfood Mychorrhizae

Complete Microbial Food

SuperFood Mycorrhizae contains large populations of four species of Endo-Mycorrhizae, four species of Bacillus, two species of Pseudomonas and one species of Trichoderma. 

Earth-friendly Ingredients

SuperFood Mycorrhizae is made in California from all-natural ingredients. SuperFood Mycorrhizae is derived from select species of beneficial microbes, humic and fulvic acids, seaweed, minerals, and vitamins. 


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