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Microbe Food and Reproductive Growth Phase Plant Fertilizer

Microbe Food and Reproductive Growth Phase Plant Fertilizer – 0.7–3.3–2.1, with 1% Calcium, and 0.2% Iron – BLOOM does everything that MFOOD does, except with nutrient levels and fertilizer designed to promote plant bloom and flowering.

Nutrient ratios and plant growth factors in BLOOM are balanced to efficiently transition the plant from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. BLOOM contains organic and L-amino acids, antioxidants, surfactants, vitamins, enzymes and 30 minerals.

MetaGrowTM BLOOM is a unique plant fertilizer in that it is designed to facilitate plant transition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth utilizing plant growth factors and by changing plant available nutrient ratios.

The plant growth factors help the plant make the physiological changes in what nutrients it collects, where they translocate in the plant, the differentiation of cells to reproductive structures and their development, and in the plant production of reproductive flavor and color components of the bloom and flower.

Other ingredients improve plant stress tolerance, encourage a plant immune response, resist oxidation of plant resins and increase plant photosynthetic efficiency. The plant immune response encourages plant production of oils that the plant uses to protect flowers and buds.

Usage rate: 6 grams/gal.

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