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Microbe and Plant Food to activate beneficial directed biology microbe functions

Use with MetaGrow ST3 to temporarily direct soil biology to consume chitin-based proteins and increase microbe population diversity and function. Contains 15% calcium so use in soil preparation and to address low Calcium plant nutrient status.

MetaGrowTM CFOOD is a wettable powder fertilizer designed as a food package to promote soil and canopy beneficial microbial growth. CFOOD is short for Chitin and Calcium and is FOOD for plants and beneficial microbes. CFOOD has a guaranteed analysis of 2.0 – 0 – 1.5, and 15% Calcium.

CFOOD is very high in Calcium and low in Magnesium so it is useful for balancing Ca/Mg ratios in soils and for getting Ca into the plant foliarly. In addition to the guaranteed nutrient content, CFOOD contains a complex of organic acids, surfactants, vitamins, enzymes and over 30 different minerals.

MetaGrowTM CFOOD is unique in that it is specifically designed to stimulate growth of beneficial microbes that are capable of consuming Chitin-based proteins. CFOOD is also unique in that no other manufacturer makes a Chitin-based wettable powder foliar product.

The micro-grind of the Chitin-based microbial food product not only makes the CFOOD a wettable powder capable of going through irrigation systems, sprayers and moving through the soil water column, but the extremely small particle size creates a very large surface area which promotes rapid consumption of and metabolism from rapidly growing Chitin consuming microbial populations.

Usage rate: 2 grams/gal.

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