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Spray wetting agent for foliar applications of compost teas, microbial inoculants, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.

FixR also functions as an: Odor Suppressant, Surfactant, Penetrant, pH Buffer, Sticking Agent, Suspension Agent, Nutrient Volatilization Inhibitor, Antioxidant, Multi-polar Charge to carry nutrients into the plant, and Beneficial Microbe Food.

  • Odor Suppressant – Reduce or eliminate sulfur compound and ammonia smells. Those odors indicate that the spray material is losing some of its effectiveness and value.
  • Surfactant – Assists materials that do not mix easily in water to go into solution and suspension more easily (e.g. fish powder). Reduced water surface tension results in smaller spray particle size and better droplet wetted surface area which in turn results in better spray coverage and more effective applications.
  • Penitrant – Help spray material penetrate the plant tissue more effectively.
  • pH Buffer – Help spray materials stay more neutral pH to reduce pH caused plant tissue burning potential of spray materials. A bottle test with a pH reading should be conducted to determine the amount of pH buffering is being achieved prior to application.
  • Sticking Agent – Helps spray material stick to and stay on the plant and be washed off the plant less easily by rain or sprinklers.
  • Suspension Agent – Helps mixed particles stay in suspension in the spray tank.
  • Chelator – Make foliar nutrients more plant available.
  • Urease Inhibitor – Reduce Nitrogen loss to ammonia volatilization in foliar N applications.
  • Nutrient Volatilization Inhibitor – Reduce loss of Nitrogen and Sulfur compounds.
  • Antioxidant – Retain effectiveness of spray materials longer for those broken down by oxidation processes.
  • Multi-polar Charge – The formulation is multi-polar charged which will assist in attracting spray particles to come into contact with the plant.
  • Beneficial Microbe Food – After fulfilling its above spray functions, FixR becomes food for beneficial microbes.

Use MetaGrowTM FixR with foliar applications of MetaGrowTM ST, SeaSet, SB FOLIAR or other manufacturer microbial, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide or fertilizer products. FixR clears a 100 mesh (149 micron) filter so it is compatible with most sprayers (check filter compatibility before using).

Always bottle test spray materials for compatibility (e.g. pH check, precipitates formation or plant tissue burning) prior to applying.

Usage rate: 5ml/gal.

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