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Microbe Food and Vegetative Growth Phase Plant Fertilizer
Everything you need in one bag

MetaGrowTM MFOOD is a wettable powder fertilizer designed as a food package to promote soil and canopy beneficial microbial growth.

MFOOD is short for “microbial food”. Guaranteed analysis is 0.5 – 0 – 3.0, with 4.0% Calcium, and 0.5% Sulfur, and 0.4% Iron. In addition to the guaranteed nutrient content, MFOOD contains a complex of organic and L-amino acids, surfactants, vitamins, enzymes and over 30 different minerals.

MetaGrowTM MFOOD is unique in that it is designed to stimulate beneficial microbial growth by providing all of the food, nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and elements that are required as building blocks for increased microbial metabolism and reproduction.

Use MFOOD in combination with any microbial inoculant product for a multiplier effect of the benefits of the microbes in the material.

Usage rate: 4 grams/gal.

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