So, it turns out that the root system of cloned plants primarily grow outward instead of downward because of the absence of a taproot.  We talked to a bunch of clone-growing experts, and their collective conclusion was that in a larger classic fabric pot you could have up to a foot of wasted soil. No bueno!  Wasted time, wasted soil, wasted amenities, and wasted money!  Nobody wants that.  So, we took our regular Classic Pots and made a really complicated adjustment to solve this issue. (AKA we made the sides shorter.)

Introducing: The Shorty Soil Saver™!

Use the Shorty Soil Saver™ to save a bit of money on your soil! Just make sure what you’re growing is good for a Shorty. 😉  Our expert clone-growing friends have said that there could be a need for more top-dressing in a Shorty, but that is a great opportunity for more nutrients for the thirsty plants.  They’ve also mentioned that the Shorty might be a great choice for growers under time constraints in their season.

The Shorty Soil Saver™ has all the same high-quality features you’d expect from our pots. We’ve got the top hems on 45 gallons and up, we’ve got the outside double stitched bottom seam, and we’ve got top-notch American made fabric!

Wondering which plants should be using a Shorty Soil Saver™ instead of a Classic?  Well, that’s a tricky question because there are so many variables.  Are you growing from clones or seeds?  What varietal are you growing? Here’s a video that might help a few of you.

Now, you ask, what size do I get? We have labeled the Shorty Soil Savers as their ACTUAL gallon size, so that means that a 30 gallon Shorty and a 30 gallon Classic would have different diameters. Here’s a conversion chart to help you pick your pot.

One more thing: can you say Shorty Soil Saver five times fast?

Pricing List

If you’re converting from a Classic Pot style, match the size of your pot base diameter rather than the gallon size.  For example, if you’re used to using a 100 gallon pot, convert to a 65 gallon Shorty Soil Saver™.  See more on our conversion chart.  The whole point is to fill fewer gallons with soil and save money!

5 gallons 16″d x 5.5″h $4.40
7 gallons 18″d x 6.5″h $5.50
10 gallons 22″d x 6.5″h $6.60
15 gallons 24″d x 8″h $7.70
30 gallons 30″d x 10″h $11.00
45 gallons 32″d x 14″h $12.40
65 gallons 38″d x 14″h $16.25
100 gallons 45″d x 14″h $21.75
200 gallons 65″d x 14″h $33.55
300 gallons 80″d x 14″h $40.70
400 gallons 89″d x 15″h $50.60

45 gallon shorty soil saver comparison

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