Which Shorty Soil Savers Do I buy?

We have manufactured the Shortys to say their ACTUAL gallon size. That means if you were growing in a 65 gallon Classic style pot, you’d need to buy a 45 gallon Shorty.  The base diameter of the two pots would match and you’d save 20 gallons of soil!  That’s the whole point of the Shorty Soil Saver™ of course, to save you on soil.  If you currently use 65 gallon Classic style pots, you would NOT buy a 65 gallon Shorty.  The base of your pot would be super huge and you’d end up with the same amount of soil.

For quick reference guide to help you choose your pot size, we made this chart!

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Pricing List

Pricing List

Diameter Classic Size Shorty Size Dirt Saved
~30″ 45 gallons 30 gallons 15 gallons
32″ 65 gallons 45 gallons 20 gallons
38″ 100 gallons 65 gallons 35 gallons
45″ 150 gallons 100 gallons 50 gallons
50″ 200 gallons unavailable n/a
60″ 300 gallons unavailable n/a
65″ unavailable 200 gallons n/a
70″ 400 gallons unavailable n/a
80″ 500 gallons 300 gallons 200 gallons
87″ unavailable 400 gallons n/a

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