Two Velcro Seams. Easy As Pie.


When it comes time to transplant, we know that you want to avoid shock to your plants as much as possible.  Often, especially in fabric pots, it can be tough to get the plant out of its smaller pot.  We’ve heard horror stories about people having to cut their smaller pots and ruin them in order to get their plants out safely.  There must be a better way!

Introducing: The Transplant-inator™!

Did You Say Two Velcro Seams?

Did You Say Two Velcro Seams?

Not one, but TWO Velcro seams enable you to get at both sides of your root ball for transplanting.  Whaaaat?!  Transplanting domination! The Velcro is thick and strong and the pots are made with a square base for extra stability.

Not only that, but our Transplant-inators™ are made with our same strong USA-made fabric and sewn carefully with marine grade thread so you can reuse them more than once.  Just follow our suggestions for cleaning your fabric pot in the washing machine and you’re set for your next growing cycle.



And just because we can’t help ourselves, we’ve hemmed every size of these pots.  The one gallon has a single hem and the larger sizes have our recognizable three hems.  We really want these pots to be strong for your growing plants.

We’ve also found that our customers love to use the Velcro seams on the pots to check in visually on their roots.  Several of our customers with large cloning operations will use a 15gal Transplant-inator™ as a final home for their mother plants, so they can do frequent health checkups on their roots.  What a nifty way to add an extra level of care to your most important plants!  It’s easy to peel away one seam and get a great visual.

Pricing List

Pricing List

1 gallons 7″l x 7″w x 6″h $5.19
5 gallons 11″l x 11″w x 10″h $8.89
15 gallons 16″l x 16″w x 14″h $12.97

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