how to wash a grassroots fabric pot

Washing your Grassroots Fabric Pots

Why would I reuse my pots?

Get efficient and keep your cost per crop down! Buying new grow pots every time can be expensive. You could save 20-30% off your crop cost by reusing pots.
Grassroots Fabric Pots are made with the “good stuff”: strong USA-made fabric and thread. We have made them to last through multiple harvests.

Why should I wash my pots?

Depending on your growing methods, you’ll want to remove residual chemicals that came from your nutrients and growing mediums before your next grow cycle. Give your new plants a fresh start.

How do I wash fabric pots?

  1. Pre-wash pots with a hose.
    Try to get the larger pieces of soil and plant material out of your pots by hosing them down.
  2. Let them dry out for at least 24 hours, then shake or knock out more dried-out material.
  3. Get an industrial washing machine
    We recommend new washers to avoid contaminants that might have been used to wash clothes. It helps to have an industrial model to handle the sediments of the growing mediums.
  4. Fill the washer with fabric pots.
    Don’t overfill. In our video with the basic washer we bought, we fit 8 or 9 30gallon pots.
  5. Add baking soda and white vinegar.
    This is our suggested detergent. It’s natural and it has no chemicals that might bind to the fabric. We recommend using this or some kind of organic detergent to remove the calcium and other residual materials from your pots since water alone won’t quite cut it.
  6. Wash in the coldest water on the heaviest setting. It may require more than one cycle.
  7. Air dry 100% before putting away.
    If you put away your pots before they’re 100% dry, it could invite mildew or mold. Not sure if we really need to mention it, but don’t put your pots in a dryer as that would be no bueno.

How do I store my pots?

In a cool, dry place! Fold them, squish them, bundle them – store them however you’d like.


If you’ve got any questions, we are happy to help. Shoot us an email at or give us a ring at (916) 822-2177.

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    M. Murphy


    I have several of your pots that I have grown tomatoes in. Sadly, all of the tomatoes died of mildew problems. Is there anything I should do other than washing the way your site says in order to ensure that this year’s tomatoes will not get Mildew from the pots? Thank you,MM


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      Grassroots Fabric Pots


      From everything I have learned about mildew, I would say yes washing the pots would be best along with getting new soil if possible. If its not possible to get new soil. I would suggest soil testing $65.00 so we can find out the exact pathogen problem we have and address it from there. How does mildew start? usually is from over watering or not letting the plant dry out enough between watering cycles. Wet feet. use a moisture meter so you can see whats going on with the soils wet dry patterns.


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