Protect your Plants with Premium Fabric Pots

  • Highest quality fabric pots on the market
  • BPA-FREEMade 100% in the USA at our NorCal family-owned factory
  • Only sold directly to growers, not sold in stores
  • Bottom seams on the outside to prevent rot
  • UV-resistant 9oz fabric


Our Classic fabric pots are known for their quality and ridiculously good prices. Enjoy all the benefits of a breathable soft-sided pot and the durability that Grassroots Fabric Pots provides with all our pots. Pots 45 gallons and up are hemmed for added strength.

3 gallons 10″d x 8″h $2.50
5 gallons 12″d x 9.5″h $3.30
7 gallons 14″d x 10″h $4.15
10 gallons 16″d x 12″h $4.95
15 gallons 18″d x 14″h $6.05
30 gallons 24″d x 16″h $8.25
45 gallons 27″d x 18″h $10.45
65 gallons 32″d x 18″h $12.95
100 gallons 38″d x 20″h $17.35
150 gallons 45″d x 22″h $22.80
200 gallons 50″d x 24″h $27.50
300 gallons 60″d x 24″h $35.75
400 gallons 70″d x 24″h $44.00
500 gallons 80″d x 24″h $53.90
600 gallons 84″d x 24″h $58.30


Don’t pay for soil you don’t need!  If you’re growing clones or plants without a taproot, then the Shorty Soil Saver™ is here to save you money.  Just like its name, this fabric pot is designed with shorter sides to accommodate for the wider root system growth patterns of cloned plants, and to keep you from using deep soil where it’s not necessary.

  • Sizes 45 gallon and larger are hemmed for added strength
  • Machine-washable
  • Cape not included


We know your roots are fragile, and transplanting can be a delicate process. Remove your root ball easily and reduce roots stress with the two opening Velcro seams on the Transplant-inator™.

  • Hemmed for added strength
  • Machine-washable
  • 2 side seams that open with Velcro


How’d you like to save on labor and effort on building wooden raised beds? How do you feel about maximizing your growing space? Our fabric raised beds can solve a host of problems for you. The best part: we can make custom sizes to fit your exact growing scenario! Indoor grow with trays? Done! Got a greenhouse and want some long beds? You got it!

  • Includes PVC fittings to fit 1″ pipe
  • Standard or custom sizes available
  • Choose to have fittings added so you can build a trellis

Fabric pots are great, but a pain to fill with soil. We are happy to introduce a tool that keeps your pots open while you fill them!

  • Save labor – fewer people
  • Save effort – less elbow grease
  • Save time – get moving onto the next thing

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