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For a healthier, more productive garden

When compared to their wood counterparts, fabric raised beds are easier to assemble, more affordable, and with less risk of rot, mold, or pest infestation. But if the growing conditions aren’t quite right, traditional fabric growing containers pose their own challenges. Traditional fabric beds drain and dry from all sides. This can cause uneven drainage and dry pockets, and require more frequent watering.

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Fabric Beds - Grassroots Fabric Pots
Breathable Fabric

Provides better aeration and air pruning for healthier roots. Allows the plant’s root systems to share space and nutrients.

Sturdy Construction

Double-stitched bottom seam on the outside to extend product lifespan. All fabric containers 30 gallons or more are triple hemmed for added durability.

Ultimate Convenience

Lightweight material is easy to move, machine washable, and folds small for storage.

Reliable Materials

Handcrafted with an American-made polypropylene and high-performance bonded thread for mold and mildew resistance. All materials are environmentally friendly and chemically stable. They’re also free of BPA and heavy metals.

Living Soil pots vs Classic Pots - Grassroots Fabric Pots

Classic vs Living Soil


Our Classic Fabric Pots & Beds are made from a breathable fabric that drain and dry from all sides. They’re ideal for growing outdoors in humid settings or hydroponic gardening, or if you feed your plant directly instead of the soil. If you aren’t growing in these conditions, you may experience uneven drainage and dry pockets, and your plants may require more frequent watering.


For growing in dryer climates and greenhouses, consider Living Soil Fabric Pots & Beds. With a waterproof liner and bottom aeration strip, Living Soil Fabric Pots & Beds recreate the top-down drying pattern that is found in nature. This ensures optimum moisture retention, eliminates dry pockets, and helps to cultivate essential microbes.

Benefits of Living Soil Fabric Pots & Beds

Reduced Water & Energy Use - Grassroots Fabric Pots

Reduced Water & Energy Use

By preventing drainage and drying from all sides of the container, Living Soil Fabric Pots & Beds lengthen the wet-to-dry soil cycle. That means less water usage and lower humidity indoors.

Even Moisture + Drainage - Grassroots Fabric Pots

Even Moisture + Drainage

Traditional fabric containers drain from all sides, which can cause dry pockets. Our Living Soil Fabric Pots & Beds direct water downward, ensuring even distribution throughout.

Improve Aeration - Grasssroots Fabric Pots

Improved Aeration

The 4” aeration strip prevents roots from circling the bottom of the container by allowing air to circulate from below. Our Living Soil Fabric Pots & Beds also encourage soil to dry from the top down, mimicking the way soil dries in nature.

Fabric Bed Overview - Grassroots Fabric Pots