Improve Foundational Soil Health

Grassroots complete line of Microbe & Plant Food support thriving microbial populations to restore the soil food web and provide essential nutrients for thriving plants. Manufactured in California buy growers for growers, our product formulas were developed from decades of testing in actual crop production – not in a lab or a greenhouse. Specialized for each phase of plant growth, Grassroots Microbe & Plant Food products create maximum impact for trouble-free growing.

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Scientifically Guaranteed

Our microbe and plant foods undergo rigorous microscopic verification and genomic testing.

Increase Plant Yield

Better soil means better plant outcomes. Our products defend against disease, pests and drought.

Food-Web Friendly

The secret to sustaining life-giving soil to keep the food-web flourishing.

How It Works

Our Microbe & Plant Food products are wildly innovative, but also incredibly simple to use. There are two parts to our system: inoculant and fertilizers. You’ll begin with our inoculant, Microbe Builder. Then combine it with the appropriate fertilizer of your choice.



Microbe Builder is our highly concentrated inoculant. It introduces beneficial microorganisms – like bacteria and fungi – that enhance plant vigor and promote a healthy soil food web. In order to provide a shelf-stable liquid, the microbes in Microbe Builder are put to sleep. To activate the microbes and experience the benefits, Microbe Builder must be used in combination with a Grassroots fertilizer. 

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Grassroots fertilizers to promote plant growth, boost plant resilience to stress and disease, and improve crop yields. Our three fertilizers are all complete microbial foods made with Earth-friendly ingredients. Each one is specially designed to deliver essential nutrients for each growing phases so your soil and plants are getting exactly what they need at the right time.

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Feeding Chart

Use this guide to determine what Grassroots products to use for each growing phase. 

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